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Many people write passwords on a note
Does your IT staff use the same password for everything?
Are all passwords stored in Excel lists or in a single user tool?
In a Disaster recovery, do you have your passwords at hand and are they updated until today?
Is it a burden to come up with new passwords every time for your systems and applications?
Do External IT staff also have full access to your password lists?
Do you know who has accessed your passwords?
When an external firm worked at your company, do you change all the passwords they accessed?
Do you regulary change your passwords?

Are you aware that in an average IT environment there will easily be a thousand passwords and these should be changed regulary. To properly perform IT work takes time and discipline. Updating and filling in the password list is a better job with Secret Server!

Safe, simple and efficient: Manage all your passwords, licence codes and SSL certificates through one central hub. Secret Server lets you determine exactly which employees or departments are authorised to access certain data (‘secrets’). Clear reports provide insight into who has accessed which secrets. Secret Server is a completely secure web-based repository with a full range of possible applications, including active directory integration. It can periodically update service accounts and passwords in various platforms (Windows/Unix/Linux/Appliances). Secret Server is the safe and accessible way of managing passwords and data for your entire business!

View this short but clear demo movie:

Secret Server can be implemented within one day!
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The Secret Server standard edition is totally free with a single user license.
Get up and running with Secret Server for as little as a few hundred Euro depending on your needs. call us for more information.

Secret Server - enterprise password management software voor IT professionals.

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